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SHOOT: LOVE & PEACE PHOTOGRAPHY: GUDDU & SHANI STYLING: HARSHAD OUTFITS: ALI XEESHAN HAIR & MAKEUP: KITTY COMPLETE SHOOT: CAMERA: CANON 1DS LENSES: 24mm-70mm, 85mm, 135mm LIGHTS: available light + flashes an interesting location does half of the work for an artist. if you are used to get inspired equally by garbage and a palace then there is no need to worry. all you have to do is ENJOY! when i reach a new location i start observing it with eyes of my lenses, try to see it from my point of view, from a birds point of view and then from an ants point of view (Thanks to our teacher Sir. Atif to teach us how to see a landscape from different perspective). some time i see it from and owls point of view and some time i really enjoy a cat's point of view. Try to exploit uniqueness of the available location through exploring its lines, shapes or colours. Go back to very basic fundamentals of Design. Focus on your composition, layout, lines and shapes along with the proportions of your subject in your canvas size. To get all in one visual Lenses are there to help you. if you want to cover maximum available interesting area and still want to keep the subject with reasonably good size then choose wide lenses and get closer to the subject, if you want to minimise the clutter at your location and want to stay focused on the subject then choose longer lenses from a distance.

during the shot i can't think of anything else. Has to be a sharp shooter. feeling doesn't show in a visual just through the expression of your available talent, it reflects at its full intensity when you are fully into it and click at the right time. i often use continous click for commercial shots but for an editorial shot like this i prefer to shoot sharp. How can fastness of continuous click justify my subject of Peace?! LEFT: 135MM, RIGHT: 24-70MM

sometimes you have to decide: what you want to show? your location or your subject. i do the both but this time i created a balance as my location was super interesting and my subject was super interesting too therefore a compromise on either of them could be in justice. i selected 24-70mm stayed medium close with my camera straight to avoid any distortion. another purpose of not using long lens here was to get a certain level of depth of field to use rusted pipes in background and to avoid extra motion blur in visual

at locations with natural light coming in are amazing to shoot even if they are too low for your exposure. They give you perfect inspiration to place your own lights. i used two flashes one for the sharp been in the background pillar and one from the front on the girl. the colour was so vibrant orange that a soft modifier could ruin the saturation therefore i used the lights just open. the best angel i could find was from quite toppish and far from the girl and i wanted to focus on the drama by blowing fabric along with the unique posture of model therefore i used 135MM. the challenge with long lenses sometimes rises in term of extra blurring in motion but i had increased the shutter speed to 1/400 and used flashes in fast mode


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