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It's a LEARN AT WORK concept. There will be no everyday formal classes. Instead of that 2 months direct coaching by experts including Guddu & Shani while on site working will give you a full exposure of professional working and on & off training sessions by guddu & shani and other guest experts from industry will enable you deliver better results at a better financial value when you start your professional career. 


  1. Must be at least Graduate in related studies / any form of arts or max 2 years pass out

  2. Must be of age 26 OR younger

  3. Compile your portfolio in PDF format or upload on any portfolio website to submit with application

  4. Candidate must have his/her own compatible laptop as company do not provide working systems to trainees


  1. Registrations started on October 15 and will end October 30.

  2. CLICK APPLY NOW from links menu and fill the form

  3. Select the category/area of interest in which you’d like to work on

  4. Fill and submit the application along with your portfolio work (PDF or weblink only)

  5. You will be called in for an interview if shortlisted by Guddu & Shani

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